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What is a "Payday Loan"?

It is a short-term loan that You can get quickly till paydays. Payday Loans (also called "Cash Advance") are the best for emergencies ("hot" bills, etc.) or to cover temporary cash needs. The beauty of a payday loan is fast approval and instant cash funding to Your bank account (24 hours or faster!).

Why should I use Online application & Where do I get money?

There are a lot of benefits when You apply online:
  • You DON'T need to leave Your house, office, etc.
  • An Easy 2-min application form.
  • Fast Online approval.
  • Same Day funding.
  • Bad credit or No credit history? OK!
  • A lot of Direct Lenders.
  • No need faxing.
  • Low requirements:
    1 - Be a US resident, 2 - Have checking account, 3 - Have income (any), 4 - Be 18+ years old.

  • Apply online and You will have money deposited into a checking account after approval.
  • Or visit one of off-line stores and get cash. We recommend to use the companies listed on the right.

  • How can you guarantee low interest rates?

    Nice question!
    We have collected three hundreds direct lenders in one place! What does it mean? When You apply online using application form in our website 300 lenders will get your request! Due to the high competition, they have to offer loans with very low interest!.

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